About Us

HelenJean is an online atelier that creates custom, made-to-measure dresses for game changing women. HelenJean's classic styles and versatile fabrics make these dresses the outstanding choice for day-to-night attire. HelenJean dresses are designed for closing that deal, landing the job, accepting the big award, and wowing on the first date. Above all, we see a world where women no longer settle for "good enough" when it comes to their wardrobes as well as their lives. Imagine how productive we could be if all of the time we spent assessing our bodies was harnessed to focus on the relevant tasks at hand?

When you wear a HelenJean dress, you are wearing something special, made just for you in your unique size. We are delighted to create a custom size that is not indicated by a number but by your Intention. Do you want to feel powerful? Sexy? Chic? Successful? Choose your Intention when customizing your dress, and let that be your identifier. Don't choose your dress by size; dress with Intention.

You are one of a kind, and your clothes should be too.